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About Us

Red Dragon Yacht Building Co.,Ltd. is a registered joint venture company located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, P.R.China with 83% U.S. ownership. Our specialty is development and limited production of finely-crafted recreational boats and yachts.

Tooling is done to exacting standards: fiberglass production under skilled management includes highest quality internationally-approved gelcoats, resins, and reinforcements. Joinery is extraordinary, as is stainless steel fabrication, and final assembly. Aluminum extrusions and stainless steel castings are done in state-of-the-art facilities with ISO 9001 certification.

Red Dragon-Paramount’s client list includes companies in Holland, England, Australia, U.S., Sweden, Spain, and India. All boats are CE-certified and meet USCG requirements.

We invite inquiries for custom-built boats and yachts. Our twenty+ years' manufacturing experience in Asia guarantees efficiency, high quality, competitive pricing, and easy communications in both English and Chinese.

Thanks for visiting.

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